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Looking for guesthouses in Canterbury? We offer a comprehensive hotel guide which provides all the information you require about Canterbury and its Hotels. This guide includes : Hotels near local attractions such as Canterbury Castle or if you are looking for a Canterbury Accommodation in the centre. Either way we will help to make the most of your stay in your chosen Canterbury Hotel, Guest House or B&B.

The ancient city of Canterbury is surrounded on three sides by woods, sea and coastal resorts. Not only is Canterbury beautiful, it is one of the most historic centres in Britain and Europe. Framed by the stunning Cathedral where Thomas a Becket was brutally murdered by Henry the VI's wayward knights, every little corner reeks with history and atmosphere, as well as a glittering collection of crafts, shops, galleries and restaurants ensuring the visitor will never be bored. Canterbury today is renowned as a centre of learning. It is a university town hosting the University of Kent and Christ Church College, Canterbury and welcoming thousands of students each year. Add to that a sizeable foreign student community and you have a vibrant night life with bars, pubs and restaurants catering to a cosmopolitan clientele.


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